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Giant Land Octopus

Giant Land Octopus is an Enemy in Elden Ring.
About Giant Land Octopus

Land Octopi can be found on beaches all throughout the Lands Between. While they appear sluggish, they can quickly close the distance between them and the player by starting an attack, and deal a massive amount of damage with their long combos.

They also come in a smaller variation, see Land Octopus.

Fighting this enemy
  • Using Ashes: The player can use ashes, preferrably the ones with many spirits summoned, to lure the Octopus away from the player. With enough hits dealt, the Octopus will be open for a critical hit.


Giant Land Octopus drops the following things:


Giant Land Octopus can be encountered at the following locations:

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Giant Land Octopus
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How to find Giant Land Octopus

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