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Imp is an Enemy in Elden Ring.
About Imp

Imps can encountered in different dungeons in the Lands Between. While they're small, they move incredibly quick and attack the player with different weapons such as hammers and sickles dealing bleed damage.

Although they have a low amount of health, they often attack in groups, sometimes supported by one or more goblins throwing knives at the player, which makes them quite a challenge.

They are quite sneaky and can occasionally be seen hanging from walls, where they drop onto the player when they're within range, or remain in corners without moving, which makes it hard for the player to tell whether they're an enemy or a harmless statue.

Fighting this enemy

Use these tactics to make your combat against Imps easier:

  • If encountered in groups, seperate and fight the individuals one by one
  • Use throwing items like Throwing Dagger or Kukri when encountering goblins hanging on the walls. This will make them drop, allowing you to easily get in some hits
  • Backstabs can be performed after their heavy jump attacks
  • Use a shield to parry their quick attacks
  • Lure them into traps - like the flamethrower - often encountered in dungeons


Imp drops the following things:


Imp can be encountered at the following locations:

All enemies

Giant Land Octopus
Godrick Soldier
Key Master
Land Octopus
Northern Mercenary (Mounted)
Poison Pod
Shadow Knight
Spectral Jellyfish
Wolf / Guard Wolf
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