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Spectral Jellyfish

Spectral Jellyfish is an Enemy in Elden Ring.
When provoked
About Spectral Jellyfish

Spectral Jellyfish are currently found in a single location in Limgrave (see location description).

They appear in groups and are neutral if unprovoked. After the player attacks a spectral jellyfish, its light blue color changes to red and the jellyfish engages the player. Surrounding jellyfish also turn red and start attacking the player.

Fighting this enemy

Due to their small attack and movement speed, spectral jellyfish can be easily defeated by pretty much any weapon.

  • Has a poison attack that adds roughly 20% to the poison progression bar
  • Keep your distance and don't get cornered by a group of jellyfish
  • Small attack radius: Any weapon with medium to high reach can beat this enemy easily


Spectral Jellyfish drops the following things:


Spectral Jellyfish can be encountered at the following locations:

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Godrick Soldier
Key Master
Land Octopus
Northern Mercenary (Mounted)
Poison Pod
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Spectral Jellyfish
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How to find Spectral Jellyfish

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