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Great Spears

All Great Spears in Elden Ring
About Great Spears

Great Spears are a weapon category in Elden Ring. Greats spears require mainly Strength and Dexterity and can deal a great amount of damage when used in the right builds. Being Great Spears they feature lower attacking speeds as regular Spears but are superior to those in terms of damage dealt per hit. Great Spears can be found all over the Lands Between and can be used to complement quick builds with a hard hitting weapon. They also feature a unique moveset and mainly deal thrust damage.

Great Spears summary:
  • Slow but high damage
  • Use mainly strenght and dexterity
  • Most can be buffed and bolstered
  • Upgraded with Smithing Stone Shards
  • Mainly deal thrust damage
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All Great Spears in Elden Ring

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