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Alexander the Iron Fist

Alexander the Iron Fist is an NPC in Elden Ring.
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About Alexander the Iron Fist

When first encountered, Alexandre is half burried on a hill and calls for help of the player to free him of his earthy prison.
After hitting him with a heavy weapon of your choice he becomes free and engages in a little chat with you.

He resembles the pot enemies seen in previous trailers.

Nothing more is know at this moment.

Map Location of Alexander the Iron Fist


Alexander the Iron Fist can be found at the following locations:


Coming close to Alexander

Hello-o? Can you hear me? Help me! I'm stuck! Hello? Please! Anyone!

Encountering stuck Alexander

Oh my stars I'm so happy to see you! I am ALexander, also known as the Iron Fist. And as you can see, I'm stuck here. Please, can you help me out of this? Put those doubts to rest, I'll be just fine. I'm very well trained. Give it you all, I say!

After freeing Alexander

Ahhh! Well played good sir. Well played. Throught that mighty wallop of yours almost spelt the end of me!

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