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Gatekeeper Gostoc

Gatekeeper Gostoc is an NPC in Elden Ring.
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About Gatekeeper Gostoc

Gatekeeper Gostoc resides in front of the main gates to Stormvail Castle.
Upon encountering he will propose different ways for you to enter the castle.

He has a strange looking book around his neck forming a tree from roots.

Map Location of Gatekeeper Gostoc


Gatekeeper Gostoc can be found at the following locations:


Upon first encounter

You're tarnished, aren't you? I would advice against taking the main gat into the castle. It's tighlty guarded by hardened old hands. Try the opening right here, the guards don't know about it. You breach the castle undetected.

"No, I'll use the main entrace"

Fair enough. You certainly don't have to trust me. Well if you must go through the gates I'll signal them to open. But of course, I'd advice against it.

Approaching the castle gates

Open the gates!

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