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Merchant Kalé

Merchant Kalé is an NPC in Elden Ring.
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About Merchant Kalé

Merchant Kalé is one of the first NPC met in the game and can be found after leaving Fringefolk Hero's Grave and heading north to the Church of Elleh, passing the Tree Sentinel. He sells various weapons and important items such as the Crafting Kit and shares similiarities in appearance to the Nomadic Merchant.

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Items sold by this NPC

Merchant Kalé is selling the following items:
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Merchant Kalé can be found at the following locations:


Upon first encounter

You're a tarnished, I can see it. And I can also see... That you're not after my throat. Then why not purchase a little something?

I am Kalé. Purveyor of fine goods.

Choosing "About Kalé"

I am of a nomadic people. Selling wares as I travel. The land has been tainted by madness since the shattering of the Elden Ring. It's only Tarnished like yourself who keep things from dryiung up entirely. Let's say you're a very welcome customer.

Choosing "Talk"

Perhaps you don't need to hear this, but... See that no harm comes to my kin. We have a saying, we wanderers: Lament not  your solitude. Expect no sympathy. No regard. Nothing.

But if anyone dares harm us, show them no mercy. That is our code, so to speak. Just the way we are. Deeply... unforgiving.

Choosing "Recommendation"

You know, if you can spare the runes, you should buy yourself a crafting kit. A crafting kit allows you to make basic items on your own. Essential really, if you intend to survive out here for any duration.

The Kkit costs a bundle, and I admit,  I do take my cut. But the important thing is that you survive. Every customer counts, after all.


Goodbye. Nice to do business.

Visiting him again

What is it? Still going to purchase something?

Visiting after dying

Wait? Weren't you?

Anways, you're back.

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