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Rogier is an NPC in Elden Ring.
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About Rogier

Rogier resides in Stormvail castle. He's a sorcerer - as seen by his appearance - and is on the search for something unknown to the player. He seems rather friendly and might give a quest to the player when progressing in the game.

Map Location of Rogier


Rogier can be found at the following locations:


Upon first encounter

Ah, nice to meet you. The pleasure's mine. Rogier's the name. A sorcerer, as you might have guessed. I'm looking for a little something, here in the castle. When I'm not hotfooting it from the troops, that is. But enough about me, what are you doing here in Stormveil castle? This place is bristling with Tarnished hunters, you know. They sacrifice our kind, for grafting. Not exactly a place I'd stroll into without a purpose in mind...

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