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White-Faced Varré

White-Faced Varré is an NPC in Elden Ring.
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White-Faced Varré can be found at the following locations:


Upon first encounter

Oh, yes... Tarnished, are we?

Come to the Lands Between for the Elden Ring, hmm?

Of course you have. No shame in it.

Unfortunately for you, however, you are maidenless.

Without guidance, without the strength of runes, and without an invitation to the Roundtable Hold...

You are fated, it seems, to die in obscurity.


Talk to him for the second time

Luckily for you, however, there is one shining ray of hope for even the maidenless.

Me. Varré. Take care to listen.

Are you familiar with grace? The golden light that gives life to you Tarnished.

You may also behold its golden rays pointing in a particular direction at times.

That is the guidance of grace. The path that a Tarnished must travel.

Mm, indeed. Grace's guidance holds the answers.

It will lead you Tarnished to the path you are meant to follow.

Even if it leads you to your grave.

Talk to him for the third time

Grace's guidance will reveal the path forward, most certainly.

To Castle Stormveil, over on the cliff.

The home of the decrepit demigod, Godrick the Grafted.

Talk to him for the fourth time

It's time you set off, I should think.

To Castle Stormveil,  on the cliff, where grace would guide you.

If you seek the Elden Ring, maidenless as you are.

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  1. Thanks to author George R. Martin, you'll be able to uncover the story behind many of these now twisted legendary demigods, and see how the fragments of the Elden Ring corrupted them - each in their own way.

  2. Retrieved July 8, 2021. "Miyazaki Explains How Elden Ring's Ambitious Gameplay Shakes Up the Soulsborne Formula - Summer of Gaming".

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